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LOS ANGELES (December 7, 2020) – With COVID-19 case levels in Los Angeles at record highs – nearly three times higher than those in San Francisco and twice those in New York City – Superintendent Austin Beutner today announced the suspension of all school-based instructional and childcare programs for the rest of the Fall semester. (Read the full News release here)

Effective December 10, there are no student programs on campus such as childcare, athletic conditioning, in-person tutoring, assessments and any in-person services for Special Education. School staff will work to transition in-person services such as tutoring and assessment to virtual online services. 

If you need technology support, please contact your local school office by phone. Although school offices will be closed, schools will still be answering calls during the school day. The Grab and Go Food Centers and COVID-19 testing sites will remain open. These changes at schools will remain in effect until the next school semester begins on January 11. We’ll continue to evaluate the situation and provide updated information along the way.

Thank you for your continued support.

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